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Why is Medical Website Design Important for you?

Custom Designed Websites for Doctors & Healthcare Professionals serve as a Platform to Highlight your Skills, Experience and Achievements

A recent survey on Doctor.com revealed that more than 80%  of patients will read reviews about a medical provider, before even deciding to book an appointment.

Even patients over the age of 65, will choose a healthcare provider who has an online presence.

More than 60% patients will avoid meeting a provider who either has poor online reviews or no reviews at all!

More than 50% of the patients will prefer to book an appointment Online.


"Having an Online presence is what the patient expects of their healthcare provider and in today’s digital era, it is no longer optional! "

You are already Online!

Whether you know it or not, you are most probably online. Just google your name and the city you are currently working in, and there is high degree of possibility that your name will pop up in Google Search.

Medical Websites

It is up to you to control how that search result appears!

Website for doctor
These are some of the top Review sites:
  • Google My Business(GMB)
  • Vitals
  • HeathGrades
  • RateMDs
  • ZocDoc
  • Doctor.com
  • CareDash
  • Yelp

Open anyone and type out your name and city and see if your name pops up.

It is very important to ensure that you don’t have any negative or poor ratings on any of these sites.

Even worse if your name does not come up at all, that is a Red Flag.

Get Online Now!

The only way to ensure that your potential clients have an overall positive outlook of you, is to have an Online Presence which is crafted and designed by keeping your brand values in mind.

Online Doctors

"Websites are now considered an essential tool for marketing,education and communication between the patient and the provider "

How does a Medical Website help you?

Potential Patients Turn to the Web First

The internet makes it straightforward for a patient to hop online and read all about the doctors they can visit. If they are not able to find your practice online, then they will find another that is.

Patients Do Research Through Online Reviews

People will search Google for a medical practice’s name specifically to hunt down reviews, which now feature heavily in the decision-making process for many people. Websites for providers that appear high in the search results receive the majority of clicks and will help you control the narrative.

Websites Provide a Portal for Reputable Information

Patients are increasingly searching for medical advice online. It’s a trend that makes it essential for qualified physicians to get evidence-based information on websites and social media platforms.

Online Presence Improves Patient Experience and Outcomes

Technology, like a fully secure website with 24 x 7 malware scanning that allows doctors to engage with their patients through text or video chat directly, will go a long way towards easing the long wait times typically associated with busy medical clinics.

Get ahead of the competition

Websites for Doctors

Potential Advantages of having a Medical Website Design done for you

  • Your medical website lets you extend your reach to an unlimited number of potential clients.
  • Your medical website is a flexible, powerful promotion tool.
  • Your medical website is an effective tool to build and boost your reputation.
  • Through your website, your online presence can make medical care more accessible to patients.
  • Your medical website can let you engage with patients.
  • Your medical website also allows you to share authentic medical information.
  • Your medical website can greatly enhance your professional image and visibility.
You know you need a Website

But you're are confused about the process!

This is where we come in. Being exclusively focused on handling website solutions for healthcare professionals, we handle all the various technical requirements and have come out with an All-Inclusive Package, which takes care of all the essential components of an Online Presence.

Complex website

And the best part is that we are Physician led. So not only do we understand the technicalities of a web development environment, but we also understand the intricate requirements of Medical Websites.

Let us make the entire process more simple for you

Lost and Confused by the overwhelming amount of services and add-ons you need for your website?
Searching for an affordable developer who won't overcharge you or deliver a website and then disappear?
Struggling to respond to questions that could be taken care of in a simple FAQ section on your website?
Struggling to establish your Brand Online?
If you answered "Yes!" to any of the above, you're in the right place!
Dr Rajarshi Mitra
How Dr Rajarshi Mitra, one of our initial clients, managed to build his Online Presence and Establish his Brand and Grow his Business

Design & Host is a team of web designers who collaborate with healthcare professionals, helping small and medium healthcare businesses strengthen their online presence.

3 years ago, Dr Rajarshi Mitra discovered that Design & Host made the process of web design, creation, and management simpler, more cost-effective and convenient, while minimizing the time and cost usually spent building a new website.

After working with Design & Host, he quickly noticed the impact that having an online presence had on his business. In exchange, he was able to massively expand his business, growing by an astounding 150% in only 3 years! And he now holds a solid 4.9-star rating on Google, with over 340 client reviews.


Having an online presence has never been as important as it is now, regardless of how small is your business. Consumer behavior is changing:

A recent study found that 70% of consumers consider that a small business must have a website. And 30% wouldn't even consider interacting with a business that doesn't have a website.

An online presence is the new way to make business, both online and in-person, and it has many benefits, including:

  • Branding
  • Building Trust and Authority
  • Growing outside your area
  • Getting new customers
  • Gaining Consumer insights
  • Market Expansion
  • Obtaining Credibility

"Working with D&H and having a website and GMB page was the before and after of my business. It has helped me catapult to the top positions in Google Maps rankings, which allowed me to expand my business, as new patients were becoming more and more aware of my services, enabling me to book more patients than ever before."

–Dr Rajarshi Mitra
Specialist Laparoscopic Surgeon & Proctologist

Now it is YOUR time to build a website which reflects your Brand and helps in establishing you in the Online World!!
What does your Medical Website Design include?

Everything that a modern website needs!! We are All Inclusive.

Mobile website


Get stunning websites designed to show off and reflect your profile and business.

All our websites are fully Mobile Responsive.

Designed on the world's most popular CMS, WordPress.

Built with the most popular page builder Astra Pro.

Cloud VPS Server


Our All Inclusive Package Includes Hosting of your websites on Industry Leading VPS Servers.

Fully Managed Cloud Based VPS Servers.

This ensures a fast loading website and a very high Uptime Percentage.


Your choice of Unique Domain Name.

Our Service includes Domain Name for the 1st Year.

We will discount your cost, to a certain limit!

You will have a wide variety of domain names to choose from.


Our All Inclusive Package includes a full fledged Security Suite to protect your Website against Malwares and Hackers.

24 x 7 Constant Monitoring which also prevents any DDoS attacks! You can carry on with your Business, while we guard against any malicious intrusions.

2-Factor Authentication, IP Lockout, Server Level Locking, are all part of our Security Suite.


Get a Free 256-Bit Encrypted SSL Certificate Included in your Package!

There is no added cost for this.

A 256-Bit SSL Security Certificate enhances the profile of your website and assures your customers of a safe business environment.


We provide SSD Storage for all our Websites. This is included in your Package, at no added cost to you!

Solid State Drive SSD is the Industry Benchmark for Storage and ensure a blazing fast website with no lagging.

Quick loading ensures a low site bounce rate and keeps your visitors happy & engaged.


Our SENTINEL scans your website, 24 x 7 x 365 against any possible virus intrusions, malware insertions, hacking attempts.

Instant E-mail alerts are sent for any possible Intrusions.

We provide this as an Inclusive part of our package, so that you can continue to focus your entire attention on your core business, while we guard you.


We provide Back Up as an Inclusive part of our Package!!

Incremental Back Up process, so that your storage is not overwhelmed.

No need to search and pay for other services.

Choose your own Back-Up Drive. Have peace of mind as your entire website is backed up and ready for deployment in case of any crash.


We provide Custom Logo Design  as an Inclusive part of our Package!!

No need to search and pay for other services.

A unique logo  designed with your choice of image.

Helps you to spread your branding.



BLAZE! Our Proprietary Optimization & CDN Plugin

Get a fast loading & responsive Website with our proprietary CDN & Optimization Software, included within our All Inclusive Package.

Web Optimization & CDN helps in compressing your images while maintaining the highest resolution and serving them in the latest WebP Image format.


A wide and exhaustive list of templates to choose from, to design your custom website, included within our All Inclusive Package.

You get to choose the template on which you think your website would look the most optimum.

We customize the selected template to give you a unique bespoke website.

Built and designed to your specification.


Get a customized and professional E-Mail, as part of our All Inclusive Package.

A unique E-Mail such as yourname@yourdomain, not a regular email account.

Helps in making your brand appear more professional to your prospective customers.

Mobile websites

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