WordPress for Beginners: Why WP is a Great Website Builder

So you’ve already chosen a domain name and availed of a hosting plan. You are ready to build your website. Congratulations! But just like with domains and hosting, you are here to make another choice again. As there are several website builders available online, you may get confused with which one to use. WordPress, Wix, Blogger, Weebly, Squarespace, and Shopify are just some of the website builders you may already have heard of. So, how do you choose which platform will you build your website on? While we cannot discuss all of them in this blog, we’ll just talk about WordPress and why it’s a good choice when you’re just beginning to launch your first website.

Is WordPress Ideal for Beginners?

WordPress is an open-source website builder that comes with an easy-to-use content management system. It offers a free and paid plan, which users can choose from depending on their purpose and budget. Started in 2003, WordPress has been recognized as the most popular blogging platform on the market for so many years. Over time, it has also become a popular choice for non-blog websites, which includes company websites, online stores, and product landing pages.Whether you are just starting to launch your website for the first time or you’re already a seasoned web owner who is managing several websites, WordPress is a great choice for building your next website. Did you know that WordPress has a 60.8% market share in the CMS market and powers 14.7% of the world’s top websites?What does this mean to you? Well, if a big number of web users trust WordPress for their websites and online stores, then it must be powerful, reliable, and effective for their business or personal websites. Aside from this, there are a lot more advantages you can get from using WP as your website builder of choice.

Advantages of Using WordPress for Your Website

If you are building your website for the first time, WordPress is your best choice. Here are some of the features and benefits you will enjoy.

1. Easy to Use

WordPress is designed for easy use and navigation. Even if you are not tech-savvy, exploring WP is relatively easier than any of the other website builders. Furthermore, WP offers 24/7 support from their “Happiness Engineers” and tons of helpful resources are available everywhere in case you get stuck on setting up your website.

2. No HTML Editing Required

One of the best things about using WordPress is that it does not require users to create codes from scratch or use any HTML editing software. You can create a new page, add a new blog post, upload images, or format texts with just a few clicks of the mouse and without needing HTML coding.

3. Can Be Managed Anywhere

WordPress is browser-based, which means you can use any internet-connected computer to open and manage your website wherever you are. This also enables you to take control of your site, because you can make any changes or updates on your own, without having to wait for an IT team or a web designer (unless, of course, you are working with them to build your site).

4. Uses Plugins for Extended Functionalities

Another robust and popular feature of WordPress is the use of plugins that extend the functionality and add flexibility to your website. When you install WP for the first time, you will initially have only the basic features and functions, such as adding pages, creating blog posts, and choosing themes to name some. When you install one or more plugins, you will get other features and tools, such as payment portal, analytics tracking, page editor, contact form, and so much more.

Understanding Plugins for WordPress

Plugins are like tools or apps that you can install on a WordPress site to extend its functionality and add more features, customizing your website based on your business plan or model. WordPress plugins are specifically designed for WP use only. They are available inside your WP dashboard, and you can easily choose and install only what your website needs.While most WP plugins are free to install, many of them require payment for better features and complete functionality. When you choose the right ones and use them correctly, plugins are amazingly effective in improving the performance and scalability of your site.

Getting Started with WordPress

There are several ways on how you can start using WordPress for your website. Considering you already have your domain and hosting plan, you can easily install WordPress through your CPanel hosting account. You may also opt to go directly to WordPress.org to download the website builder. Finally, if you do not wish to follow the DIY route, you can always trust a web development team to build your WordPress website for you. At Design and Host, we offer an all-inclusive web design and development service where you can just tell us what kind of website you need and we will build it for you, just the way you wanted. For more information about the services we offer, visit https://www.designandhost.dev.